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Chadi Touma

Prof. Dr. Chadi Touma

Former member MCN, GSN former faculty


Professor Biology/Chemistry


Dept. of Behavioural Biology
University of Osnabrück
Barbarastr. 11
D-49076 Osnabrück

Phone: +49 (0) 541 / 969-3496
Fax: +49 (0) 541 / 969-2862


Further Information

Research focus: Genes, hormones and the brain: molecular genetic and neuroendocrine bases of behaviour

Function and regulation of the stress hormone system: alterations in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders

Gene-Environment Interactions: modulation of genetic predispositions by social and non-social environmental factors

Key words: Behavioral neuroscience, systems neurobiology, neurogenetics

GSN students

Selected publications:

Knapman A, Kaltwasser SF, Martins-de-Souza D, Holsboer F, Landgraf R, Turck CW, Czisch M and Touma C. (2012) Increased stress reactivity is associated with reduced hippocampal activity and neuronal integrity along with changes in energy metabolism. European Journal of Neuroscience 35: 412-422.

Touma C, Gassen NC, Herrmann L, Cheung-Flynn J, Büll DR, Ionescu IA, Heinzmann JM, Knapman A, Siebertz A, Depping AM, Hartmann J, Hausch F, Schmidt MV, Holsboer F, Ising M, Cox MB, Schmidt U and Rein T. (2011) FK506 binding protein 5 (FKBP5) shapes stress responsiveness: modulation of neuroendocrine reactivity and coping behavior. Biological Psychiatry 70: 928-936.

Knapman A, Heinzmann J-M, Hellweg R, Holsboer F, Landgraf R and Touma C. (2010) Increased stress reactivity is associated with cognitive deficits and decreased hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor in a mouse model of affective disorders. Journal of Psychiatric Research 44: 566-575.

Touma C, Fenzl T, Ruschel J, Palme R, Holsboer F, Kimura M and Landgraf R. (2009) Rhythmicity in mice selected for extremes in stress reactivity: behavioural, endocrine and sleep changes resembling endophenotypes of major depression. PLoS ONE 4 (1): e4325.

Touma C, Bunck M, Glasl L, Nussbaumer M, Palme R, Stein H, Wolferstätter M, Zeh R, Zimbelmann M, Holsboer F and Landgraf R. (2008) Mice selected for high versus low stress reactivity: a new animal model for affective disorders. Psychoneuroendocrinology 33: 839-862.