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GSN program eligibility

To qualify, you have to:

  • have a genuine interest in neurosciences
  • seek interdisciplinary training in order to understand the brain as a whole
  • hold an appropriate degree (see program requirements below) in biology, medical sciences, engineering, physics, bioinformatics, computer sciences, psychology, philosophy or other related fields

Note that:

  • the program is highly competitive, therefore above-average grades are of advantage
  • promising candidates holding a Bachelor's degree may be recommended by the selection committee for direct admission to the PhD fast-track program, linking the Master's and PhD programs with a preparatory year before the dissertation phase

If you wish to learn more about the main objective and curriculum of the Master and the PhD program, including the fast-track option, please look over our teaching man studying_kleinpages.

Note: Applications are welcome even if the required degree has not been awarded by the time of application, BUT the degree must be conferred before courses start in October.

PhD and Fast-track program eligibility requirements:

Applicants for the GSN PhD program must hold an MSc or equivalent degree in biology, psychology, medicine, physics or related fields. Exceptionally qualified students holding a Bachelor's degree can apply for the PhD fast-track program.

If you have started a doctoral neuroscience research project within the last year but would like to achieve a PhD degree according to the standards of the GSN regulations, you may also apply. In this case, you should have secured your own funding for the duration of your PhD project.

Master's eligibility requirements:

Applicants for the MSc Program "Neurosciences" must hold a Bachelor or equivalent degree in biology, psychology, medicine, physics, philosophy or related fields.

For the MSc in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology program, please check the entry requirements at