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Simon Jacob

Prof. Dr. Simon Jacob

Associate member MCN, GSN associate faculty


Principal Investigator
Research Group Leader "Translational Neurotechnology"


Technische Universität München
Klinik für Neurochirurgie
Labor für Translationale Neurotechnologie
Ismaninger Str. 22
D-81675 München

Phone: +49 (0)89 / 4140-7636
Fax: +49 (0)89 / 4140-4889


Further Information

Research focus: Cellular mechanisms of higher cognitive functions, cortico-subcortical interactions during goal-directed behavior, neuromodulation of cognition by dopamine

Key words: Controlled behavioral tasks, large-scale extracellular recordings in rodent models and human subjects, optogenetic manipulation of defined cell types and networks, neuroimaging and computational analysis

Current GSN students: Tobias Bernklau, Xiaoxiong Lin, Victoria Hohendorf

Selected publications:

Jacob SN, Hähnke D and Nieder A. (2018) Structuring of abstract working memory content by fronto-parietal synchrony in primate cortex. Neuron, 99(3):588-597.

Jacob SN, Stalter M and Nieder A. (2016) Cell-type-specific modulation of targets and distractors by dopamine D1 receptors in primate prefrontal cortex. Nat Commun, doi: 10.1038/ncomms13218.

Ranganath A and Jacob SN. (2016) Doping the mind: dopaminergic regulation of prefrontal cortical cognition. Neuroscientist, 22(6):593-603.

Ott T, Jacob SN, and Nieder A. (2014) Dopamine receptors differentially enhance rule coding in primate prefrontal cortex neurons. Neuron, 84(6):1317-28.

Jacob SN and Nieder A. (2014) Complementary roles for primate frontal and parietal cortex in guarding working memory from distractor stimuli. Neuron, 83(1):226-37.

Jacob SN, Ott T and Nieder A. (2013) Dopamine regulates two classes of primate prefrontal neurons that represent sensory signals. J Neurosci, 33:13724-34.