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Stefan Stricker

Dr. Stefan Stricker

GSN associate faculty, MCN regular member


Head of Group Functional Epigenetics


MCN-Roche Junior Research Group
Biomedical Center
Großhaderner Str. 9
82152 Martinsried

Phone: 089-2180-71904

Further Information

Research focus: Functional epigenetics

Key words: Epigenetic reprogramming, epigenetic engineering, long noncoding RNAs, brain tumors, neural stem cells

Graduated GSN students: Dr. Valentin Baumann

Selected publications:

Stricker SH*, Pollard SM*. Reprogramming cancer cells to pluripotency: An experimental tool for exploring cancer epigenetics. Epigenetics 2014 Mar. *Corresponding author.

Stefan H. Stricker, Andrew Feber, Pär G. Engström, Helena Carén, Kathreena M. Kurian, Yasuhiro Takashima, Colin Watts, Michael Way, Peter Dirks, Paul Bertone, Austin Smith, Stephan Beck, Steven M. Pollard. Widespread resetting of DNA methylation in glioblastoma initiating cells suppresses malignant cellular behaviour in a lineage dependent manner. Genes and Development 2013 Mar. Research highlight in Cancer Research (2013 April). Research highlight in Nature Reviews Cancer (2013 May). Recommended by Faculty of 1000.

Danovi D, Folarin A, Ender C, Engstrom P, Gogolok S, Stricker SH, Yu D, Pong UK, Harvey KJ, Ferretti P, Paddison P, Bertone P; Smith A, Pollard SM. A high-content small molecule screen identifies sensitivity of glioblastoma stem cells to inhibition of polo-like kinase. PLOS One 2013 Oct.

Latos AP, Pauler FM, Koerner MV, Senergin BH, Hudson QJ, Stocsits RR, Allhoff W, Stricker SH, Klement RM, Warczok KE, Aumayr K, Pasierbeck P, Barlow DP. Airn transcriptional overlap but not its lncRNA products induce imprinted Igf2r silencing. Science 2012 Dec. Recommended by Faculty of 1000.

Engström PG, Tommei D, Stricker SH, Ender C, Pollard SM and Bertone P, Digital transcriptome profiling of normal and glioblastoma-derived neural stem cells identifies genes associated with patient survival. Genome Medicine 2012 Oct.

Koerner MV, Pauler FM, Hudson QJ, Santoro F, Sawicka A, Guenzl PM, Stricker SH, Schichl YM, Latos PA, Klement RM, Warczok KE, Wojciechowski J, Seiser C, Kralovics R, Barlow DP. Downstream CpG Island Controls Transcript Initiation and Elongation and the Methylation State of the Imprinted Airn Macro ncRNA Promoter. PLOS Genetics. 2012 Mar.

Pollard SM, Stricker SH, Beck S. A Shore Sign of Reprogramming. Cell Stem Cell. 2009 Dec.

Pollard SM, Yoshikawa K, Clarke ID, Danovi D, Stricker S, Russell R, Bayani J, Head R, Lee M, Bernstein M, Squire JA, Smith A, Dirks P. Glioma stem cell lines expanded in adherent culture have tumor-specific phenotypes and are suitable for chemical and genetic screens. Cell Stem Cell. 2009 Jun.

Latos AP*, Stricker SH*, Steenpass L* ,Pauler FM, Koerner M, Unger C, Warczok K, Barlow DP. An in vitro ES cell imprinting model shows that imprinted expression of the Igf2r gene arises from an allele-specific expression bias. Development 2009 Feb, *Equal contribution

Stricker SH. Transcription interference as a new model of imprinted gene expression. B.I.F. FUTURA 2009/24

Stricker SH*, Steenpass L*, Pauler FM, Santoro F, Latos PA, Huang R, Koerner MV, Sloane MA, Warczok KE, Barlow DP. Silencing and transcriptional properties of the imprinted Airn ncRNA are independent of the endogenous promoter. EMBO Journal 2008 Dec*Equal contribution. Recommended by Faculty of 1000

Stricker SH, Barlow DP, Latos AP. Size does matter: macro ncRNAs and the regulation of imprinted gene cluster. European Pharmaceutical Review 2008 (1)

Seidl CI*, Stricker SH*, Barlow DP. The imprinted Air ncRNA is an atypical RNAPII transcript that evades splicing and escapes nuclear export. EMBO Journal 2006 Aug 9. *Equal contribution. Recommended by Faculty of 1000

Stricker SH, Meiri K, Gotz M. P-GAP-43 is enriched in horizontal cell divisions throughout rat cortical development. Cerebral Cortex. 2006 Jul.

Gotz M, Stricker SH. Go with the flow: signaling from the ventricle directs neuroblast migration. Nature Neuroscience. 2006 Apr.

Pauler FM, Stricker SH, Warczok KE, Barlow DP. Long-range DNase I hypersensitivity mapping reveals the imprinted Igf2r and Air promoters share cis-regulatory elements. Genome Research. 2005 Oct.

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Stricker SH, Barlow DP. Significance of repeats in the Air RNA in the imprinting mechanism. B.I.F. FUTURA 2004/19.