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GSN Culture Clubs

GSN Film club

When: approximately every month, alternating Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
Where: GSN seminar room (B00.051), ground floor, Biocenter
The films shown are not usually shown in mainstream cinemas, either because they are old or non-Hollywood (although there are exceptions). Some of the films screened in the past: Primer, World on a Wire, Grave of the Fireflies, Fantastic Mr. Fox, La Jeteé, Tokyo Story, L'Avventura, Andrei Rublev and Days of Heaven. The films are always screened in the original language, with English subtitles if necessary, and in high definition.
For more info contact Vilim Stih vilim.stih@campus.lmu.

Classical music events in Munich

For GSN students interested in classical music (or those who would like to discover it), a mailing list for concert recommendations has been set up. Munich has two world-class orchestras and frequent recitals by renowned soloists, offering events almost every week.

For more info contact Vilim Stih vilim.stih@campus.lmu.

Events 2018 / Past events 2017

The following events are upcoming. Be sure to contact Catherine Botheroyd ( in order to sign up


  • 19-21.07 - GSN Retreat


  • 04.08 - GSN Rafting Tour


  • 05-09.10 - GSN Orientation week
  • 10-12.10 - Workshop Coping with the challenges of a PhD (for new students)


  • 8-9.11 - Good Scientific Practice
  • 14.12 - Graduation Day

top Past events:

Click on the activity to see photos from each event, below is a list of photo archives for past years. Note that all photo archives are password protected, GSN students and associates should contact Catherine Botheroyd for access information.


  • 07-08.06 & 13.07 - Teaching Skills Workshop
  • 18.06 - GSN/MCN/BCCN Summer party
  • 21-22.06 - Career Development Workshop with Viola Kraus
  • 23.06 - Schwabinger Foodtasting Tour
  • 24.06 - Stadtlauf participation sponsored by GSN (registration required)
  • 02-06.05 - GSN Interview Week
  • 06.05 - Hiking Tour
  • 08.05 - Joint Closing Dinner
  • 18.04 - Gender and Equality in Science
  • 20.04 - Conflict Management Workshop, Part 2
  • 23-24.04 - Presentation Workshop
  • 26-27.04 - Workshop Speaking with Confidence
  • 16.03 - Conflict Management Workshop, Part 1
  • 28.2.-2.3.2018 3 Days Workshop in Bayrischzell "Coping with the challenges of a PhD For first-year PhDs"
  • 27.02 - Mentoring Closing Event
  • 08-09.02 - Adobe Illustrator Workshop
  • 01-02.02 - Workshop How to apply for a job for Scientists inside/outside academia
  • 26.01 - International evening and cooking event
  • 17.01 - Gender and Equality Stammtisch. More information
  • 17.01 - Short information for all students who plan to submit their thesis within the next 6 months. More information
  • 15.01 - "Neural codes for decision-making: looking at information processing" Workshop
  • 15.01 - Talk by Prof. David Redish: "Mental time travel in rats, mice, and humans: implications for decision-making and economics

Photo Archive