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Surname, First name Position Work group Office hours
Amaro, Diana GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Ammer, Georg GSN Alumnus SS 2018
Ammer, Julian GSN Alumnus WS 2013/2014
Anggraini, Dian GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Aschenbroich, Sven Ph.D. student
Auer, Franziska GSN Alumna SS 2019
Azghandi, Sepiede GSN Alumna WS 2015/2016
Bahl, Armin GSN Alumnus 2014/2015
Balbi, Matilde GSN Alumna WS 2015/2016
Balijepalli, Aarathi GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Banchi, Roberto GSN Alumnus WS 2015/2016
Bartels, Martin GSN Alumnus SS 2017
Bastians, Philipp GSN Alumnus SS 2018
Battich, Lucas GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Bauer, Yannik Ph.D. student
Bauer, Karl Emory GSN Alumnus SS 2019
Baumann, Valentin GSN Alumnus SS 2019
Bayam, Efil GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Baykara, Ebru GSN Alumna SS 2018
Beebe, Cameron GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Behrendt, Mona Gwendolyn GSN Alumna WS 2011/2012
Beiderbeck, Barbara Ph.D. student
Bernklau, Tobias Ph.D. student
Biel, Anna Lena GSN Alumna SS 2021
Biljecki, Michelle GSN Alumna SS 2022

Thaler Lab, Biomedical center Munich

Characterization of GAD-Reactive B Cells and their B-Cell Receptor Repertoire in the Periphery and Central Nervous System
Biller, Anna Magdalena GSN Alumna SS 2021
Birtwistle (nee. Annac), Efsun GSN Alumna SS 2018
Bocca, Francesca GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Boehm, Ariane GSN Alumna SS 2019
Bögle, Rainer GSN Alumnus SS 2017
Born, Gregory Ph.D. student
Bosch Queralt, Mar GSN Alumna SS 2020
Bothe, Maximilian Sebastian GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Brandi, Marie-Luise GSN Alumna SS 2015
Brémová-Ertl, Tatiana GSN Alumna SS 2016
Brostek, Lukas Adam GSN Alumnus WS 2012/2013
Brümmer, Manuela Ph.D. student
Buchsbaum, Isabel Yasmin GSN Alumna SS 2017
Burgstaller, Jessica GSN Alumna SS 2019
Busch, Christian GSN Alumnus SS 2020
Bywalez, Wolfgang GSN Alumnus SS 2016
Cai, Ruiyao GSN Alumna SS 2019
Callan, Alexander Rhys GSN Alumnus WS 2013/2014
Camargo Ortega, Germán GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Carstensen, Mark Wulff GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Chang, Simon GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Chen, Siyi GSN Alumna SS 2018
Christian, Patricia GSN Alumna SS 2023

Soutschek Lab, LMU Munich

Causal Roles of the Prefrontal Cortex and Temporo-Parietal Junction in Social Decision Making
Constant, Martin GSN Alumnus WS 2022/23

Liesefeld Lab, LMU Munich

Effects of attentional priority on visual working memory
Couchman, Kiri Anne GSN Alumna WS 2010/2011
Cross Villasana, Fernando GSN Alumnus WS 2016/2017
Csordás, Dóra GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Cuturi, Luigi GSN Alumnus SS 2015
Dalal, Nisha GSN Alumna SS 2018
Danek (née Faber), Amory H. GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Del Grosso, Nicholas GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Demircapa, Idil GSN Alumna SS 2020
Denecke, Carmen Katharina GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Deshpande, Aditi GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Dewenter, Anna GSN Alumna WS2022/23

Düring Lab, ISD

Tractography-Based Diffusion MRI Markers of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease
Dietrich, Haike GSN Alumna SS 2011 ( MSc), WS 2016/2017 (PhD)
Dodwell, Gordon PhD Alumnus WS 2020/2021
Dolensek, Nejc Ph.D. student
Doll, Anselm GSN Alumnus WS 2015/2016
Douglass, Amelia GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Dragomir, Elena GSN Alumna SS 2019
Drews, Michael GSN Alumnus SS 2019
Đurović, Tamara GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Ederle, Helena GSN Alumna SS 2018
Ehrhardt, Erica GSN Alumna SS 2016
Empl, Laura GSN Alumna SS 2020
Eugenin von Bernhardi, Jaime GSN Alumnus WS 2020/2021
Ewerdwalbesloh, Julia GSN Alumna WS 2016/2017
Fecher, Caroline GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Feldmann-Wüstefeld, Tobias GSN Alumnus WS 2013/2014
Fendl, Sandra GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Finsterwalder, Sofia GSN Alumna SS 2020
Firouzi, Mohsen GSN Alumnus WS 2019/2020
Fischer, Caroline GSN Alumna SS 2019
Ford, Marc GSN Alumnus WS 2014/2015
Fraedrich (née Eisend), Eva GSN Alumna SS 2012
Franco Emch, Mónica GSN Alumna SS 2020
Franzen, Louise Delwen GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Franzmeier, Nicolai GSN Alumnus WS 2017/2018, GSN associate faculty
Freiesleben, Timo GSN Alumnus SS 2023

Hartmann Lab, LMU Munich

What Does Explainable AI Explain?
Funk (née Ritter), Johanna GSN Alumna SS 2012
Ganzenmüller, Stephanie GSN Alumna WS 2013/2014
Garzorz, Isabelle GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Geberl, Cornelia GSN Alumna SS 2013
Georgakis, Marios GSN Alumnus WS 2019/2020, GSN associate faculty
Geserich, Anna Sophie GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Giorgio, Grazia Ph.D. student
Glas, Annet GSN Alumna SS 2021
Gleiss (née Berner), Sarah GSN Alumna SS 2017
Glim, Sarah GSN Alumna SS 2019
Goc, Joanna GSN Alumna SS 2017
Gökce, Onur GSN Alumnus WS 2013/2014
Gordy, Clayton Ph.D. student
Goschy, Harriet GSN Alumna SS 2014
Götz, Stefanie GSN Alumna SS 2019
Graeff, Philipp Ph.D. student
Graetsch, Melanie GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Granier, Charlène GSN Alumna SS 2021
Gravot, Céline GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Groß, Sebastian Ph.D. student
Gruijs da Silva, Lara Aletta Ph.D. student
Gumbert, Matthias Ph.D. student
Günther, Mario GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Gutiérrez Herrera, María Fernanda GSN Alumna WS2018/2019
Hanning, Nina GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Hänzi, Sara GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Haßfurth, Benjamin GSN Alumnus WS 2010/2011
Haupt, Marleen GSN Alumna SS 2020
Havlíček, Ondřej GSN Alumnus WS 2016/2017
Hegenloh, Michael GSN Alumnus WS 2012/2013
Heinrich, Melina GSN Alumna SS 2015
Hell, Franz Lukas GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Hellmundt, Franziska GSN Alumna SS 2020
Helmbrecht, Thomas GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Henco, Lara GSN Alumna SS 2020
Henke, Josephine GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Hersbach, Bob Ph.D. student
Hilla, Yannik GSN Alumnus SS2023

Sauseng Lab, LMU Munich

Neurogame: Neural Mechanisms Underlying Cognitive Improvement in Video Games
Hofweber, Mario GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Honarnejad, Kamran GSN Alumnus SS 2014
Huber, Judita GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Hummel, Nadine GSN Alumna SS 2016
Hummel, Angelika GSN Alumna SS 2018
Irving, Stephanie GSN Alumna SS 2019
Itzcovich, Elena GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Jaeger, Cilia Ph.D. student
Jaekel (née Schneider), Sarah GSN Alumna WS 2015/2016, GSN associate faculty
Jafari, Mehrnoosh GSN Alumna SS 2014
Janjic, Aleksandar GSN Alumnus WS 2021/22
Jensen, Grady GSN Alumnus SS 2020
Jonikaitis, Donatas GSN Alumnus WS 2010/2011
Kajopoulos, Jasmin GSN Alumna SS 2019
Kammerer, Axel GSN Alumnus SS 2015
Kan, Wing Yin Vanessa Ph.D. student
Kao, Chi-Ya GSN Alumna WS 2015/2016
Kapetaniou, Georgia Eleni GSN Alumna WS 2022/23

Soutschek Lab, LMU Munich

The Neural Basis of Self-Control - Pharmacologial, Physiological and Neurocognitive Perspectives
Kaplan, Lew Ph.D. student

Grosche Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Proteomic Heterogeneity of Glial Cells of the Central Nervous System
Karcher, Bert GSN Alumnus WS 2010/2011
Kaufmann, David GSN Alumnus SS 2015
Kautzky, Magdalena Ph.D. student
Kellner, Christian GSN Alumnus WS 2016/2017
Kenet, Selin Ph.D. student
Keshmirian, Anita GSN Alumna SS 2021
Khosravi, Bahram GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Klapetek-Dünnweber, Anna GSN Alumna WS 2016/2017
Klimmt, Julien Ph.D. student
Kobler, Johanna GSN Alumna SS 2020
Koch (née Rätzel), Anja Isabel GSN Alumna WS 2013/2014
Kociaj, Anita GSN Alumna SS 2020
Kölsch, Yvonne GSN Alumna SS 2019
Kompatsiari, Kyveli GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Körner, Jorg GSN Alumnus WS 2015/2016
Korzhova, Viktoria GSN Alumna SS 2019
Kostorz, Kathrin Maria GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Koupourtidou, Christina Ph.D. student
Krafft, Stefanie GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Krüger, Melanie GSN Alumna SS 2013
Kucukdereli, Hakan GSN Alumnus WS 2017/2018
Kupferberg, Alexandra GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Lange Canhos, Luisa GSN Alumna SS 2018
Laurent, Sarah GSN Alumna WS 2015/2016
Lehm, Manuel GSN Alumnus WS 2019/2020
Leidmaa, Este GSN Alumna SS 2016
Leonhardt, Aljoscha GSN Alumnus WS 2017/2018
Lepko, Tjaša GSN Alumna SS 2018
Leuchs, Laura GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Lewis, Laurence GSN Alumnus SS 2016
Lewis (née Haas), Olivia GSN Alumna SS 2017
Li, Bing GSN Alumna WS 2021/2022
Li, Lu GSN Alumna WS 2015/2016
Liebscher, Sabine GSN associate member, GSN Alumna WS 2016/2017
Lipski, Joachim GSN Alumnus SS 2016
Lorenz, Tamara GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Loy, Kristina GSN Alumna SS 2018
Lyamzin, Dmitry GSN Alumnus WS 2014/2015
Ma, Shouwen GSN Alumnus WS 2017/2018
Macare, Christine GSN Alumna SS 2016
Maisak, Matthew GSN Alumnus SS 2019
Malis, Jonatan GSN Alumnus SS 2022
Manca, Giulia GSN Alumna SS 2021
Marisca, Roberta GSN Alumna WS 2021/2022
Mastropasqua, Angela GSN Alumna SS 2020
Mathis, Alexander GSN Alumnus SS 2012
Mattugini, Nicola GSN Alumnus SS 2018
Mayadali, Ümit Suat Ph.D. student
McAssey, Michaela Ph.D. student
McCarter, Joanna GSN Alumna SS 2014
McIlwrick, Silja GSN Alumna WS 2016/2017
Mearns, Duncan GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Meier, Matthias GSN Alumnus SS 2016
Menegaux, Aurore GSN Alumna SS 2019
Meng, Chun GSN Alumnus WS 2014/2015
Mężydło, née Kurek, Aleksandra GSN Alumna SS 2020
Miljanovic, Nina GSN Alumna SS 2021
Mishra, Abhishek Ph.D. student
Monsalve Mercado, Mauro Miguel GSN Alumnus SS 2018
Mulej Bratec, Satja GSN Alumna SS 2016
Murenu, Elisa GSN Alumna WS 2016/2017
Mylonas (nee. Werner), Nadine GSN Alumna SS 2022
Nabel, Lara Alisha GSN Alumna SS 2021
Nagel, Daniel GSN Alumnus WS 2014/2015
Nagele, Johannes GSN Alumnus WS 2019/2020
Napiórkowski, Natan GSN Alumnus SS 2019
Nehrkorn, Johannes GSN Alumnus WS 2015/2016
Nehrkorn (neé Schüller), Kathrin GSN Alumna SS 2016
Neitzel, Julia GSN Alumna SS 2017
Ng, Judy King Man GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Nowack, Leonie GSN Alumna SS 2022

Conci Lab, LMU Munich

The Role of Selective Attention for Object Integration
Obando Leitón, Miguel Eduardo GSN Alumnus WS 2019/2020
Özugur, Suzan GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Pan, Chenchen GSN Alumnus SS 2019
Pankova, Katarina GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Papst, Lilia GSN Alumna SS 2019
Patchev (née Polta), Stephanie GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Pedro, Liliana GSN Alumna WS 2022/23
Penner-Goeke, Signe GSN Alumna SS 2021
Penning, Melanie GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Perez Osorio, Jairo GSN Alumnus WS 2016/2017
Petricca, Stefania GSN Alumna WS 2015/2016
Petridou, Eleni GSN Alumna SS 2023
Petrucco, Luigi Ph.D. student
Petzschner, Frederike H. GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Peylo, Charline Ph.D. student
Pfaller, Anna GSN Alumna SS 2021
Philipp, Sebastian Thomas GSN Alumnus WS 2013/2014
Pigoni, Martina GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Popp, Pauline GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Pourabdolrahim, Lara GSN Alumna SS 2018
Pröll, Michaela GSN Alumna SS 2020
Raiser, Theresa GSN Alumna SS 2020
Rajaram, Ezhilarasan GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Ramesh, Vidya GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Rangelov, Dragan GSN Alumnus WS 2010/2011
Rappe, Sofiia GSN Alumna WS 2022/23

Deroy Lab, LMU Munich

Mental states and cognitive mechanisms in predictive agents
Rausch, Manuel GSN Alumnus SS 2016
Rautenberg, Philipp GSN Alumnus SS 2012
Reeß, Tim GSN Alumnus SS 2018
Reinert, Sandra Ph.D. student
Ren, Yue GSN Alumna SS 2020
Renner, Simon Ph.D. student
Retkoceri, Urim GSN Alumnus WS 2020/2021
Richter, Florian Ph.D. student
Riedl, Valentin GSN Alumnus SS 2012, GSN associate faculty member
Riedmayr, Lisa GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Ripp, Isabelle GSN Alumna SS 2021
Romano, Benedetta GSN Alumna SS 2019
Roppelt, Christopher GSN Alumnus SS 2020
Rosner (née Weise), Elisabeth GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Rössert, Christian GSN Alumnus WS 2010/2011
Roth, Thomas Edgar GSN Alumnus WS 2017/2018
Ruiz Rizzo, Adriana Lucía GSN Alumna SS 2018
Rus, Oana Georgiana GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Russo, Gianluca Luigi GSN Alumnus SS 2019
Sadler, Rebecca GSN Alumna SS 2019
Salmasi, Mehrdad GSN Alumnus SS 2018
Sauter, Marian GSN Alumnus SS 2018
Schäpertöns (née Bednarova), Veronika GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Schlagbauer, Bernhard GSN Alumnus WS 2016/2017
Schlesiger, Magdalene GSN Alumna WS 2016/2017
Schmid, Doris Ph.D. student
Schmidt, Andree Ph.D. student
Schneider, Maximilian GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Schönauer, Monika GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Schröder, Lena Ph.D. student
Schuller, Johanna Miriam GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Schümann, Anne GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Schutte, Michael GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Schützenberger, Anna GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Sebastián Monasor, Laura GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Selter, Felicitas GSN Alumna SS 2018
Serbe, Étienne GSN Alumnus SS 2016
Sherman, Shachar GSN Alumnus WS 2022/23
Simon-Vermot, Lee GSN Alumna SS 2018
Singh, Arun GSN Alumnus WS 2011/2012
Sobolev, Andrey GSN Alumnus WS 2020/2021
Sonsalla, Giovanna GSN Alumna SS 2021
Soutschek, Alexander GSN Alumnus WS 2013/2014
Splith, Victoria GSN Alumna SS 2019
Stefanova, Iskra GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Steinert, Steffen GSN Alumnus WS 2017/2018
Štih, Vilim GSN Alumnus SS 2021
Stukelj, Gasper GSN Alumnus SS 2020
Sumser, Anton GSN Alumnus WS 2016/2017
Švehla, Pavel Ph.D. student
Tejero Cantero, Álvaro GSN Alumnus SS 2012
Terzian (née Bernardes), Ana Luisa GSN Alumna SS 2014
Thomas, Judith GSN Alumna SS 2021
Tiedt, Steffen GSN Alumnus WS 2017/2018, GSN associate faculty
Todorov, Mihail GSN Alumnus WS 2020/2021
Trattner, Barbara GSN Alumna WS 2013/2014
Überfuhr, Margarete Anna GSN Alumna SS 2019
Üçpunar, Habibe GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Urbina Treviño, Lidia Ph.D. student
Valero Freitag, Susana GSN Alumna SS 2020
Vierl, Franziska GSN Alumna SS 2021
Volkening, Katharina GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
von Rüden, Eva-Lotta GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Wagner, Johanna GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Wallmeier, Ludwig GSN Alumnus WS 2014/2015
Weber, Franz GSN Alumnus WS 2011/2012
Webhofer, Christian GSN Alumnus SS 2013
Weiler, Simon GSN Alumnus SS 2018
Weisheit, Isabel GSN Alumna SS 2021
Wesolowski, Marta GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Weston, Ghabiba GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Wiegand, Iris GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Wiese, Eva GSN Alumna SS 2013
Willacker, Lina GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Wollenberg, Luca GSN Alumnus WS2020/2021
Wu, Yunmin GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Wunderlich, Hilary GSN Alumna SS 2019
Wutte, Magdalena GSN Alumna SS 2012
Xiang, Xianyuan GSN Alumna SS 2019
Yashina, Ksenia GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Yousefi, Ali GSN Alumnus WS 2017/2018
Zambusi, Alessandro Ph.D. student
Zou, Chengyu GSN Alumnus WS 2015/2016