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A selection of GSN Master Alumni and details about their research:

Surname, First name Title Graduation Year Supervisor Thesis Title
Alexander, Ryan M.Sc. SS 2013 Dr. Jana Hartmann

Role of STIM proteins in mGluR1/TRPC3-dependent signaling in cerebellar Purkinje cells

Banchi, Roberto M.Sc. SS 2011 Prof. Dr. Hans Straka

Morpho-physiological Organization of vestibulo-ocular reflex behaviour in Axolotl

Carmi, Costanza M.Sc.  SS 2018 Dr. Mathias V. Schmidt

Disinhibition of prefrontal cortex to nucleus accumbens pathway confers protection over stress-induced anhedonia and behavioral despair

Chen, Susu M.Sc. SS 2010 Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst

Development and optimization of algorithms for EM image processing

Crombie, Davide M.Sc. WS 2018/2019 Prof. Dr. Laura Busse

Spontaneous Pupil Fluctuation Components as an Index for Thalamic State

Dalecki, Stefan M.Sc.  WS 2020/2021 Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz

AMPylation Analysis of Neuronal and Non-Neuronal Cells

Damkou, Ioanna Alkmini M.Sc. WS 2019/2020 Prof. Dr. Simons Mikael

The role of Microglia Activation in Remyelination

Darcher, Alana MSc. WS 2019/2020 Prof. Dr. Jakob Macke

Computational Models of neural dynamics during visual memory

Darmohray, Dana M.Sc. SS 2010 Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe

Investigation of Insight with Magic Tricks: Introducing a Novel Paradigm

de la Rosa del Val, Clara M.Sc. SS 2020 Prof. Dr. Martin Kerschensteiner

A systematic approach to dissect regulatory genes in macrophage polarization in an animal model of Multiple Sclerosis

Dietrich, Haike Dr.  SS 2011 (MSc) WS 2016/2017 (PhD) Prof. Dr. Hans Straka

MSc: Developmental plasticity of vestibulo-motor transformation in Xenopus

PhD: Functional characterization and plasticity of extraocular motor responses in Xenopus laevis

Dietze, Anna M.Sc. WS 18/19 Prof. Dr. Werner Hemmert

Psychophysical Measurements of Temporal Integration Effects in Cochlear Implant User

Dimulescu, Cristiana MSc. SS 2018 Dr. Afra Wohlschläger

Multisensory Integration: A Brain Signal Variability Approach

Dwarakanath, Abhilash M.Sc. SS 2012 Prof. Dr. Thomas Geyer

On the effect of motion parallax in auditory depth perception

Ehrhardt, Erica M.Sc. WS 2012/2013 Prof. Dr. Thomas Wachtler-Kulla

Visual Processing under Fixational Eye Movements

Elnagar, Salma M.Sc.  SS 2021 Prof. Dr. Tobias Staudigl

Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory in Naturalistic Stimuli

Emmanouilidis, Ioanna M.Sc. SS 2020 Prof. Dr. Martin Kerschensteiner

Mitochondrial pathology in an animal model of Multiple Sclerosis

Eugenin von Bernhardi, Jaime M.Sc. SS 2015 Dr. Leda Dimou

Profileration and Differentiation Behavior of NG2 cells modulated by neurnal activity

Filvarova, Natalia M.Sc. SS 2018 Prof. Dr. Markus Paulus

The role of mirror neurons system in the development of imitation behaviour in infants

Franzen, Louise Delwen M.Sc. SS 2012 Tobias Rose, Prof. Dr. Mark Hübener

Effect of genetically encoded calcium indicators on cellular plasticity

Gleiss (née Berner), Sarah M.Sc. SS 2011 Prof. Dr. Felix Felmy

Developmental refinements of Ca² currents in the MSO of Mongolian Gerbil

Goldberg, Maria M.Sc. SS 2019 Dr. Florence Bareyre

Understanding the role of Netrin-1 following CNS injury

Guion, Stephen M.Sc. SS 2019 Prof. Dr. Ophelia Deroy

Keeping Tempo: Quantifying temporal coordination and interagent coupling in social interactions

Haas, Olivia M.Sc. SS 2012 Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst

A population Coding Model for Cortical Colour Processing

Hathway, Pamela M.Sc. WS 2014/2015 Dr. Virginia Flanagin

Neural Correlates of Spontaneous Pupil Fluctuations: An EEG / fMRI Study

Hellmundt, Franziska M.Sc. SS 2013 Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold

Space Representations by a network of Coupled neuronal oscillators

Ho, Samantha M.Sc. SS 2020 Dr. Florence Bareyre

Novel Brain-reactive antibodies in sporadic onset ataxia

Hoff (neé Bogdanovic), Renee M.Sc. SS 2013 Prof. Dr. Heidrun Potschka

Effects of endocannabinoid system modulator JZL 184 in a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy

Huber, Judita M.Sc. SS 2017 Dr. Kathrin Koch

Multiscale imaging of neuronal activity using simultaneous calcium and functional magnetic resonance imaging in mice

Jiménez Barrón, Laura T. M.Sc. WS 2017/2018 Dr. Dr. med. Elisabeth Binder

Implementing cell type specific Polygenic Risk Score models in schizophrenia research using deep learning techniques

Junghänel, Michaela M.Sc. SS 2017 Dr. Nadine Gogolla

Functional investigation of a top-down projection from the posterior insular cortex to the nucleus accumbens using optogenetics in freely behaving mice

Käfer, Karola M.Sc. SS 2013 Dr. Carsten Wotjak

Spontaneous fear and long-term changes in neural activity in traumatized mice

Kaya, Melahat Ezgi M.Sc.  SS 2021 Prof. Dr. Dr. Elisabeth Binder

Functional Validation of Stress-Mediating Variants Using CRISPR/Cas

Keeling, Sophie M.Sc. WS 2019/2020 Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein

Mechanistic investigation of the neuroprotective effects of hepatoma derived growth factor in cell culture models of Huntington's disease

Kremer, Malte M.Sc. SS 2009 Prof. Dr. Gaia Tavosanis

Activity-dependent structural plasticity in the mushroom body calyx of Drosophila

Kröger, Joseph M.Sc. SS 2019 Prof. Dr. Dominik Paquet

Optimization of CRISPR/Cas9 Genomic Editing and Generation of a Complete Tau Knockout in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Kymn, Christopher M.Sc. WS 2019/2020 Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz
Lang, Malina M.Sc.  SS 2010 Prof. Dr. Anna Schubö

The impact of temporal constraints on cooperation performance in joint action

Li, Zhuoliang M.Sc. SS 2016 Dr. Carsten Wotjak

Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) acts differentially on CRF receptor 1 (CRF1) expressing neurons of the reticular thalamic nucleus (RTN)

Madhusudan, Shrinidhi M.Sc. WS 2019/2020 Dr. Carsten Wotjak

Functional Characterization of schizophrenic risk variants using iPSC derived neurons

Mahn, Mathias-Hagen M.Sc. SS 2011 Dr. Lars Kunz

Dynamical modes in coupled large-scale networks

Markkula, Oskar M.Sc.  SS 2021 PD Dr. Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug

The role of CRF family neuropeptides in spontaneous release frequency and evoked release synchrony in the mouse Calyx of Held synapse

Mayadali, Ümit Suat M.Sc. SS 2016 Prof. Dr. med. Peter zu Eulenburg

Detection of rs-fMRI-Based Cortical Parcellation Differences at High Spatial and Temporal Resolutions via k-means++ Clustering

McQuade, Courtney Alison N/A
Meyerolbersleben, Lukas N/A
Nadporozhskaia, Lidiia M.Sc.  SS 2021 N/A

Role of dorsomedial theta oscillations in effort-based decision making: investigated using transcranial alternating current stimulation applied to the dorso-medial prefrontal cortex

Navare, Uma M.Sc. SS 2020 Prof. Dr. Peter zu Eulenburg
Nemcová, Paulina M.Sc.  SS 2021 Prof. Dr. Laura Busse

Mapping the Assembly States of Proteasomes

Neuhaeusser, Maximilian M.Sc. WS 2010/2011 Prof. Dr. Frank Bradke

Axon growth properties

Obando Leitón, Miguel Eduardo M.Sc. SS 2014 Dr. Agnieszka Wykowska

Agency and social cues in robots

Oguz, Tuba M.Sc. WS 2012/2013 Dr. Hiromu Tanimoto, Dr. Ayse Yarali

Odour Intensity Learning in Drosophila: Focusing on Intensity Learning

Palacios, Daniel Christopher M.Sc. WS 2016/2107 Prof. Dr. Kai Bötzel

Event-Related Frequency Modulation and Functional Connectivity of the Subthalamic Nucleus during Spontaneous Speech Production in Parkinson´s Desease

Patchev (née Polta), Stephanie M.Sc. SS 2009 Dr. Thomas Fenzl, PD Dr. Carsten Wotjak

The impact of disturbed sleed on the development of PTSD in an animal model

Pavon Arocas, Oriol M.Sc. SS 2015 Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst

Sleep Regulation in Drosophila

Peters, Anja M.Sc. WS 2012/2013 Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller

Effects of partial sleep deprivation on the regulation of fear: A simultanous skin conductance response/fMRI study

Pirogova, Nadezhda M.Sc. WS 2017/2018 Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst

Direct measurement of temporal delays in motion detector input signals

Prat Fornsubirà, Ot M.Sc. SS 2018 Dr. Portugues Ruben

Luminance Representations in Granule Cells of the Zebrafish Cerebellum

Ransom, Linnea M.Sc. WS 2017/2018 Prof. Dr. Dieter Edbauer

Establishing a CRISPR/Cas9 Screen to Find Modifiers of TDP-43 Toxicity

Reifenstein, Eric Torsten M.Sc. SS 2010 Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz

Single-run phase precession in entorhinal grid cells

Ripp, Isabelle M.Sc. WS 2016/2017 Prof. Dr. Laura Busse, Prof. Dr. Jessica Freiherr

Multisensory integration processing during bimodal stimulation of the visual and olfactory system - an fMRI graph theoretical network analysis

Schneider, Maximilian M.Sc. SS 2014 Dr. Mathias V. Schmidt

Evaluation of pupil dilation as a neurophysiological correlate of prediction error signaling in a predictive inference task

Schneider, Uta M.Sc. SS 2020 Dr. Carmen Krewer

Short-term sensorimotor effects after transcranial and peripheral magnetic stimulation of the extensor carpis radialis muscle - a single case study

Schneider-Soupiadou, Parthena M.Sc. WS 2019/2020

Functional plasticity of visuo-vestibular reflexes after acute unilateral vestibular nerve lesions in Xenopus laevis

Schuetzenberger, Anna M.Sc. SS 2014

Behavioral characterisation of the blowfly gaze stabilisation system

Serhan, Bassam M.Sc. WS 2018/2019 Dr. Oliver Griesbeck

A Novel Method of Screening for Ca- Sensitive Photoacoustic Biosensors

Sharvit, Gil M.Sc. SS 2010 Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer

Modulation of response to pain in self and others by different meditation techniques - a functional magnetic imaging study

Slangewal, Katja M.Sc. WS 2020/2021 Prof. Dr. Herwig Baier

Perceiving fish: a characterization of neurons tuned to conspecific motion over the development of Danio rerio

Sotillos Elliott, Laura M.Sc. SS 2019 Dr. Jan M. Deussing

The PDZ domain binding motif of the CRHR1 and its role in stress-induced changes of hippocampal plasticity

Štih, Vilim M.Sc. SS 2015 Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz

Neural sequence representations influenced by context

Stöckl, Anna M.Sc. WS 2011/2012 Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz, Prof. Dr. Jan Benda

Encoding of communication signals in the weakly electric fish eigenmannia virescens

Tang, Fiona M.Sc. N/A
Überfuhr, Margarete Anna M.Sc. SS 2019 Dr. Markus Drexl

Is Prebycusis predominantly metabolic?

Umeasalugo, Kosisochukwu MSc. SS 2019 Prof. Dr. Florence Bareyre

Characterization of proliferative and immunological reactivity of the brain after injury

von Werder, Dina M.Sc. SS 2020 Prof. Dr. med. Nadine Lehnen

Time estimation as model for altered interaction between prior and sensory input in patients with functional symptoms

Wang, Xuanyu M.Sc.  SS 2021 Prof. Dr. Simon Jacob

Contribution of bursting neural activity on the mesoscopic- and microscopic-level to working memory coding in primate prefrontal cortex

Warnhoff, Inanna M.Sc. SS 2018 Dr. Nadine Gogolla

The role of insular cortex in innate fear

Weidinger (neé Abdul Salaam), Sanofer M.Sc. SS 2018 Prof. Dr. Florence Bareyre

Transcallosal Circuit Adaptation after Traumatic Brain Injury

Wühr, Max M.Sc. SS 2010 Prof. Dr. Klaus Jahn

Multisensory regulation of Gait variability

Wurzer, David M.Sc. WS 2019/2020 Prof. Dr. Ophelia Deroy

Cognitive basis of shared responsibility in collective decisions

Zech, Katharina M.Sc. SS 2014 Dr. Kathrin Koch

Investigation of structural brain alterations in OCD patients via neuroimaging methods