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A selection of GSN Master Alumni and details about their research:

Surname, First name Position Work group Office hours
Alexander, Ryan GSN Alumnus SS 2013
Aliyeva, Ayshan GSN Alumna SS 2022

Macé Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Investigating the reaction of mice to salient visual objects using deep learning tools
Arzhevikina, Polina GSN Alumna SS 2023

Borst Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

The influence of GABA receptors on the Computational Ability of Visual Motion-Sensitive Neurons in Drosophila Melanogaster
Banchi, Roberto GSN Alumnus SS 2011
Bayer, Melis GSN Alumna SS 2022

Kopp-Scheinpflug Lab, LMU Munich

Assessing differences in ion channel trafficking and cell survival between cerebellar Purkinje neurons and auditory brainstem neurons in a mouse model of SCA13
Bengala, Miguel M.Sc. Alumnus SS 2023, Ph.D. Student

MSc & PhD: Pecka Lab, LMU Munich

Ph.D: Modulation of spatial representations within the early auditory pathway by active sensing MSc: State dependency during an active sensing task in freely moving animals - a computational neuroethology approach
Bracher, Katharina GSN Alumna WS 2022/23

Herz Lab, LMU Munich

Computational Modelling of Time Perception
Brem, Claudia GSN Alumna SS 2015
Bublitz, Merle GSN Alumna SS 2021

ISD Munich

Effect of APP mutations on Aß production in human iPSC derived neurons
Carmi, Costanza GSN Alumna SS 2018
Chen, Susu GSN Alumna SS 2010
Crombie, Davide GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

Spontaneous Pupil Fluctuation Components as an Index for Thalamic State
Dalecki, Stefan GSN Alumnus WS 2020/2021
Damkou, Ioanna Alkmini GSN Alumna WS 2019/20

Simons Lab, TUM

The role of Microglia Activation in Remyelination
Darcher, Alana GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Darmohray, Dana GSN Alumna SS 2010
de la Rosa del Val, Clara GSN Alumna SS 2020

Kerschensteiner Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

A systematic approach to dissect regulatory genes in macrophage polarization in an animal model of Multiple Sclerosis
Dietrich, Haike GSN Alumna SS 2011 ( MSc), WS 2016/2017 (PhD)
Dietze, Anna GSN Alumna WS 2018/2019
Dimulescu, Cristiana GSN Alumna SS 2018
Dwarakanath, Abhilash GSN Alumnus SS 2012
Ehrhardt, Erica GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Elnagar, Salma GSN Alumna SS 2021
Emmanouilidis, Ioanna GSN Alumna SS 2020

Kerschensteiner Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Mitochondrial pathology in an animal model of Multiple Sclerosis
Eugenin von Bernhardi, Jaime GSN Alumnus SS 2015
Filvarova, Natalia GSN Alumna SS 2018
Franzen, Louise Delwen GSN Alumna SS 2012
Gleiss (née Berner), Sarah GSN Alumna SS 2011
Goldberg, Maria GSN Alumna SS 2019
Grabosch (nee. Makarov), Christine GSN Alumna WS 2021/22

Koerte Lab, LMU Klinikum

Analysis of brain structure in premature-born adults
Guion, Stephen GSN Alumnus SS 2019
Gundi, Paula GSN Alumna WS 2021/22

Pecka Lab, LMU Munich

Learning strategies of Mongolian gerbils in freely moving auditory perception tasks
Haas, Olivia GSN Alumna SS 2012
Hathway, Pamela GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Hellmundt, Franziska GSN Alumna SS 2013
Ho, Samantha GSN Alumna SS 2020

Bareyre Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Novel Brain-reactive antibodies in sporadic onset ataxia
Hoff (neé Bogdanovic), Renee GSN Alumna SS 2013
Huber, Judita GSN Alumna SS 2017
Hummel, Angelika GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Hunt, Sydney GSN Alumna SS 2023

Baier Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Comparison of prey capture strategies in first-feeding teleosts
I Gusti Bagus, Ayu Marliawaty M.Sc. student
Jativa, Max GSN Alumnus
Jiménez Barrón, Laura T. GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Junghänel, Michaela GSN Alumna SS 2017
Käfer, Karola GSN Alumna SS 2013
Kaya, Melahat Ezgi GSN Alumna SS 2021
Keeling, Sophie GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Kemble, Alicia GSN Alumna SS 2018
Kremer, Malte GSN Alumnus SS 2009
Kröger, Joseph GSN MSc Alumnus SS 2019

Paquet Lab, ISD Munich

Optimization of CRISPR/Cas9 Genomic Editing and Generation of a Complete Tau Knockout in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Krueger, Katharine GSN Alumna WS 2020/21

Liesz Lab, ISD Munich

Treatment of Malignant IDH Mutant Glioma with Immunotherapy Using Oncolytic Viruses
Kymn, Christopher GSN Alumnus WS 2019/2020
Lambiris, Ilias GSN Alumnus WS 2022

Grothe Lab, LMU Munich

Electrical properties of zebra Finch premotor neurons
Lang, Malina GSN Alumna SS 2010
Li, Zhuoliang GSN Alumnus SS 2016
Linnerbauer, Mathias GSN Alumnus WS 2019/2020
Liu, Xinyu GSN Alumn WS 2020
Madhusudan, Shrinidhi GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020
Mahn, Mathias-Hagen GSN Alumnus SS 2011
Mardus, Eva GSN Alumna SS 2022

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

How do mice learn to segment images? - A classical conditioning approach
Markkula, Oskar GSN M.Sc. Alumnus SS 2021, Ph.D. student

Kopp-Scheinpflug Lab, LMU Munich

MSc: The role of CRF family neuropeptides in spontaneous release frequency and evoked release synchrony in the mouse Calyx of Held synapse PhD: Role of Ion Channels - From Misfiring to Misfolding
Mayadali, Ümit Suat GSN Alumnus SS 2016
McQuade, Courtney Alison M.Sc. student
Meyerolbersleben, Lukas GSN M.Sc. Alumnus, Ph.D. Student

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

MSc: Using optogenetic manipulation of parvalbumin interneurons to probe encoding of luminance and contrast in the mouse visual system PhD: Thalamocortical communication in time and space
Nadporozhskaia, Lidiia GSN Alumna SS 2021

Soutschek Lab, LMU Munich

Role of dorsomedial theta oscillations in effort-based decision making: investigated using transcranial alternating current stimulation applied to the dorso-medial prefrontal cortex
Navare, Uma GSN Alumna SS 2020
Nemcová, Paulina GSN Alumna SS 2021

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

Mapping the Assembly States of Proteasomes
Neuhaeusser, Maximilian GSN Alumnus WS 2010/2011
Obando Leitón, Miguel Eduardo GSN Alumnus SS 2014
Oguz, Tuba GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Oh, Hanseul PhD student, GSN MSc Alumna WS 2022

MSc: Bareyre Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

PhD: Meinke Lab, LMU Klinikum

MSc: Activity-dependent Circuit Reorganisation in Mice after the Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitation PhD: Exploring Cas-13-mediated DMPK-knockdown as a Potential Novel Treatment Approach for Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1
Palacios, Daniel Christopher GSN Alumnus WS 2016/2017
Patchev (née Polta), Stephanie GSN Alumna SS 2009
Pavon Arocas, Oriol GSN Alumnus SS 2015
Peters, Anja GSN Alumna WS 2012/2013
Pirogova, Nadezhda GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Prat Fornsubirà, Ot GSN Alumnus SS 2018

Portugues Lab, TUM

Luminance Representations in Granule Cells of the Zebrafish Cerebellum
Rajan, Akshaya GSN Alumna WS 2022/23

Stricker Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Investigating the relevance of protein translation rates for neural cell identity using CRISPR approaches
Ransom, Linnea GSN Alumna WS 2017/2018
Reifenstein, Eric Torsten GSN Alumnus SS 2010
Ripp, Isabelle GSN Alumna WS 2016/2017
Schneider, Uta GSN Alumna SS 2020
Schneider, Maximilian GSN Alumnus SS 2014
Schneider-Soupiadou, Parthena GSN Alumna WS 2019/2020 Functional plasticity of visuo-vestibular reflexes after acute unilateral vestibular nerve lesions in Xenopus laevis
Schuetzenberger, Anna GSN Alumna SS 2014 (MSc)
Serhan, Bassam GSN Alumnus WS 2018/2019
Sharvit, Gil GSN Alumnus SS 2010
Slangewal, Katja GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Sotillos Elliott, Laura GSN Alumna SS 2019
Štih, Vilim GSN Alumnus SS 2015
Stöckl, Anna GSN Alumna WS 2011/2012
Tang, Fiona GSN Alumna WS 2020/2021
Überfuhr, Margarete Anna GSN Alumna WS 2014/2015
Umeasalugo, Kosisochukwu GSN Alumnus SS 2019

Bareyre Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Characterization of proliferative and immunological reactivity of the brain after injury
van Harmelen, Anna GSN Alumna SS 2023

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

Investigating stimulus-driven selective attention inside visual working memory
von Werder, Dina GSN Alumna SS 2020

Lehnen Lab, TUM Klinikum r. d. Isar

Time estimation as model for altered interaction between prior and sensory input in patients with functional symptoms
Wang, Xuanyu GSN MSc Alumnus SS 2021, Ph.D. Student

Jacob Lab, TUM

MSc: Contribution of bursting neural activity on the mesoscopic- and microscopic-level to working memory coding in primate prefrontal cortex PhD: Temporal structure in prefrontal cognitive functions and neuronal signaling
Warnhoff, Inanna GSN Alumna SS 2018
Weidinger (neé Abdul Salaam), Sanofer GSN Alumna SS 2018
Wühr, Max GSN Alumnus SS 2010
Wurzer, David GSN Alumnus WS 2019/2020
Zech, Katharina GSN Alumna SS 2014